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Math Tips

Link for using interactive white boards in the classroom


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Getting Started with your Promethean Board

Free Online Training Course for ActivInspire (Studio)
Top Teaching Tips from teachers who have experience using the Promethean Boardsexternal image pdf.png top-teaching-tips.pdf

Calibrating Your Board - external image pdf.png Calibrating_your_ActivBoard.pdf - so your pen lines up with the lines drawn on the board
Step-By-Step Downloading Resources Packs external image msword.png Downloading Resource Packs.doc

Making the Change from ActivStudio to ActivInspire: **ActivInspire_ActivClassroom.pdf**

ActivInspire in the ActivClassroom Manual - introduction - 36 pages -

Basic Toolstrip Explanation - pdf. image Technology Resource Teachers - many tutorials and quick tips for using ActivInspire ActivInspire tutorials several videos explaining how to use ActivInspire/ActiVotes/Embedding Videos...

How to use ActiVotes with ActivInspire - includes directions using voters with Brain Pop

Top Teaching Tips from Promethean (high school) ----