Tutorial on how to create a PhotoStory **http://www.techlearning.com/article/6738**

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What is it???

**Microsoft PhotoStory3**is a digital story telling program which is free to all Windows-based users. The students can put together any story with multimedia elements such as pictures, music, and even record their voices.

Why Digital Storytelling???

Storytelling can satisfy the NETS- for Students in the areas of Creativity & Innovation, Communication & Collaboration, Digital Citizenship, and Technology Operations & Concepts. But most of all, digital storytelling can inspire the students. What's your story?

The process of digital storytelling may begin to mirror classroom work with the writing process. The types of writing narrative, informative and persuasive can be broken down to show types of activities that will sound very familiar!
Narrative communication
  • Personal Expression
  • Short Story
  • Myths/Tales
  • Docu-Dramas

Informative/Expository communication
  • Summary Reports (very common)
  • Book Reports
  • How-To Directions
  • Biographies

Persuasive communication examples
  • Advertisements/Public Service Announcements
  • Describe/Conclude
  • Analyze/Conclude
  • Analyze/Persuade
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Cause/Effect
  • Documentary
http://cff-photostory.wikispaces.com/ provided the information above

Digital Story Process from Jason Ohler Digital Storytelling Resources



Storyboards help students map out their story and allow them to see the story along with pictures they will be using. This allows the students to see exactly how their story will flow once they begin to use the computer. This is also a chance to see how their story transforms from beginning to end to ensure their will be interest from the audience.

storyboard template
**Digital Storyboard**
Storyboard Template pdf
Blank Storyboard pdf
Getting Started with Digital Stories, finding what works to help create digital stories http://digitalstorytelling.iste.wikispaces.net/

Storytelling Rubrics

Jason Ohler's Storytelling Rubric
Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubric
Storytelling Rubric
Rubric for Digital Storytelling

Photo Story Tips and Tricks...

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Educational Uses
Burn DVDs from Photo Story 3
Creating a Photo Story: you must cite it all