Social Bookmarking Diigo - get started - tutorials of how to use this free tool to tag, highlight, save, share favorite websites free for teachers - use for yourself or set up a class to access and save favorite sites presentation on how to get started using Diigo tutorials on how to use social bookmarking sites

21st Century Information Fluency - Search Wizard, Evaluation Wizard, Citation Wizard (free resources)

Website Evaluation Tips for finding dependable information on the Web - includes a ppt
Website Evaluation Sheet.doc A checklist to help determine if the information found on the internet is valid
**** Wading Through the Web: Teaching Effective Internet Search Strategies

Specialized Directories – Web Searching at its Best!
General: news headlines, links to valuable reference resources – reference tools are located at the bottom of the page well-organized, categorized, searchable collection of more than 100,000 links – focus is on scholarly internet resources good search capabilities, strong focus on library and information science – more than 12,000 resources more than 125,000 sites by 7 U.K universities – 19 main categories with broad range of academic disciplines – searchable Library of Cogress Gateway to Library Catelogs – searches online catalogs for nearly 500 libraries

Educational: links to hundreds of sites for K-12 teachers and parents, browse by subject or alphabetic index browsable and searchable 500,000+ sites, articles, lesson plans, links early childhood, K-12, higher education, distance learning, special education, teacher’s corner, home schooling, instructional technology, regional arranged by continent then country, 19,000+ links to newspapers, news agencies, magazines, radio, TV

History: annotated and rated links to 1200+ history-related websites – themed, lessons plans, maps, research Virtual Religion Index -focus on scholarly sites academic study of the world’s major (and minor) religions and issues

Physical and Life Science: 7,000+ chemistry related links – scholarly sites, links to chemical companies and suppliers – WebElements has online periodic table reliable health information aimed at consumers – medical encyclopedia, background on diseases, directories medical conditions, diseases, wellness, drug information, medical encyclopedia, health news, directories, local

Business and Economics:
links to 3,000+business and management resources (pathfinder) marketing, investing, company information, banking & finance, government, news, directories business news sites, main site is free annotated links to 1000s of sites on global business activities Resources for Economists on the Internet: 2000+ links

Government and Governments: links to 17,000+ govt and multinational organizations, parliaments, law courts, embassies, cities, central banks… federal govt, foreign govts, international organizations government and state sites links to U.K. public sector information services, resource centre, specific services for citizens, news links for international parties and related resources

Legal: best legal resources on the internet - mostly U.S. related GlobaLex - research guide, legal systems of 100+ countries and international jurisdictions

Genealogy: links to 260,000+ sites browse through 180 categories or search for beginners and experienced genealogists
Travel: internet travel resources, 500+ links

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Hock, Randolph. The Extrememe Searcher’s Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Teacher. 3rd ed. Medford: CyberAge, 2010. Print. the Gateway to 21st Century Skills – excellent search responses for specific topics – great for teachers and students