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Digital Librarian: Best of the Web : Images ****
School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids **** free clipart for educational purposes

Free to use for projects - but still need to cite the source: - Creative Commons - Search for works I can "use for commercial purposes Search High Quality Flickr Images search engine that searches copyright friendly resources only CopyrightFriendly Searches - Most links include items with generous copyright licensing

Other Useful Image Sites:

AltaVista Image Finder
Image Finder (UC Berkeley)
Pic Search
American Memory Collection (click on Photos and Prints under Browse Collections)
Smithsonian Photo Archive
NASA Digital Images
Time Life Photo Site
NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) Search
Yahoo! Picutre Gallery (Click on Images button)
Delicious bookmarks for images -- -- and search All tags for "clipart"
Free Graphics - free clip art, photos, webpage templates ...

Advanced Image Search in Google - Coloring pages, photos and crafts for kids
Free ClipArt By Phillip Martin - free art for classroom, newsletters, non-profit use - Mineralogy Database - mineral collecting, localities, photos, data Library of Congress - 9million + digital items from historical collections (maps, motion pictures, photos, sound recordings well over 250,000 images covering all continents of the world, featuring a wide range of subject matter and motifs. Currently our search list will assist you to find the exact quantities of images of specific locations in our collection."

Because images are generally accompanied by few textual clues, they are often immune to blocking software. When images appear as thumbnail results, there is no warning of their controversial content. So typing words like "doll" into an image search database can be risky business.
Warning # 2
Be careful about copyright, especially when publishing on the Web! You and your students must ask for permission to use and must cite any image that is not clearly labeled public domain.

Open Source Audio Links

Even if the music is free to download, you still must cite the source where you obtained the music (ex.

Royalty FreeFree music clips from Royalty Free Award Winning Music - free to use for educational purposes
Soundzabound A1 Free Sound Effects DeJunAir Looperman Soundsnap Freeplay Music Digital Librarian
Find Sounds sound effects, musical instrument samples, categories of sounds from animals to holidays

Internet Audio Archivemore than 400,000 recordings (records, presidential speeches, lectures, CC materials) - searchMusicMoz - Open Music Project - browse or search - all content is free to use on other websites
PacDV -Free Sound Effects for use in multimedia projects
Freesound - - focuses only on sounds, not songs - Creative Commons - search - cite the source
Podsafe Audio - Podcast Music - Select genre - songs - save or download a song with the click of the arrow button
Soundation - Make Music Online
National Jukebox Historical Recordings from the Library of Congress

Solid Color Blocks great for backgrounds (Power Point, Flipcharts, Photo Story, Movie Maker...)

Video Searches audio, podcasts, video searches browse by show or topic - historical speeches, videos a directory of sites that provide collections of links to video resources for a variety of subject areas Dirpy - Internet DVR - YouTube to Mp3 Converter and YouTube Video Downloader

Free Media File Format Converters
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Download and convert YouTube videos
Download and convert YouTube videos

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WinFF Free Video Converter

Asking for Permissions

The Fair Use Guidelines do not** extend to Web publishing. Fair Use ends when the creator of the multimedia project loses control of his product's use, such as when it is accessed by others over the Internet. Students should take steps to obtain permission for all copyrighted portions of a Web product, unless it is very clearly noted that these materials are in the public domain and available for free use. Requests for permission should begin while the project is being developed.

Bogus Websites November Learning - links on the left give clues to determining valid websites Department of Education - Bogus Websites (age appropriateness) Fake websites and spoof websites; evaluating internet resources using false websites

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