100 Web Tools for Learning With a Disability College Degree.com (below is a list of categories with links on their web page)

Text to Speech - Those with visual disabilities / have trouble reading can use these text to speech tools to get information in audio format.

Alternative Formats - Get textbooks and other educational information delivered in format besides text with these tools and resources.

Math Help - Math can be confusing even to those without learning disabilities, but these tools can help make it a little easier.

Physical Disabilities - Those with physical disabilities that make it difficult to use a traditional computer can try out these helpful programs.

Language Disabilities - These tools are designed to help make reading and writing a little easier.

Visual Disabilities - The blind or those with significant visual impairment can take advantage of these helpful computer tools.

Hearing Impairment - These tools can be a great help to those with hearing impairment or teachers and parents working with them.

General Disability - These tools are designed to help users with a wide range of disabilities.

Concept Mapping - Many students find it helpful to map out and organize their thoughts ahead of time. These tools are designed just for that.

Web Browsers - These helpful browsers are designed to make it easy for people with many different kinds of disabilities to use the Web.